R+Co: TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo

R+Co: TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo

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The perfect hair revolution will be televised!

241 ml

Product Description
TELEVISION Perfect Hair Shampoo gives you everything you need for the small screen: body, shine, strengthening, softening, and smoothing. This is why we call it perfect!

Good for:

Anyone who wants all the qualities of beautiful, healthy, camera-ready hair


DARK WAVES - A warm romantic scent. Cardamom, Pineapple, Tangerine, Lavender, Bamboo, Blonde Woods

Additional Information
How to use
Spread a quarter-sized amount through hair
Follow with R+Co TELEVISION Perfect Hair Conditioner
Juniper berry extract Helps maintain the optimal oil balance of the scalp and adds weightless moisture to the hair. Detoxifies hair follicles and soaks up impurities on the hair and scalp
Glycerin Naturally occurring humectant that helps hair retain moisture by maintaining the moisture balance of hair
Babassu seed oil A natural emollient with restorative properties. An excellent moisturizer that deep conditions dry hair and scalp