CHRONOLOGISTE  Crème Chronologiste

CHRONOLOGISTE Crème Chronologiste

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Hair Mask Hair smoothing balm for scalp and hair.

200 ml

How To Use
How to use our Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, Crème de Régénération:
Step 1. After washing hair with Bain Revitalisant, apply a coin sized amount of our hair repair mask to washed and towel dried hair.
Step 2. Massage onto the scalp, lengths and ends.
Step 3. Leave in this scalp mask for 5 minutes.
Step 4. Emulsify and rinse the hair conditioning mask completely out of hair.


Crème de Régénération is our deep conditioning hair mask designed to deeply treat devitalized hair facing signs of aging. This hair repair mask uses a mixture of Ceramides for strength and regeneration while Vitamin A & E offers for anti-oxidant protection. Our scalp mask strengthens and stimulates cellular renewal while revitalizing the scalp for a purifying effect on the hair. Crème de Régénération hair conditioning mask facilitates detangling and brings a softness and lightweight touch to revitalized hair.

  • Abyssine for scalp regeneration that boosts the hair fiber
  • Trio of Ceramides for strength and regeneration
  • Vitamin A & E for anti-oxidant protection
  • Cationic Derivative for softness, lightness and easy detangling